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Date: 25/09/2018

On 9th June 2018 the THE FIRST CHIESI SMILE CONFERENCE was held in Warsaw. There was a lot of fun, joy and laughter – the perfect mix! On Saturday we’ve come to our office accompanied by a quite impressive delegation of young generation. Attractions and surprises were waiting for us ever since we’ve entered the office. By the entrance there was a photobooth, where everyone could take an amusing photo in sundry “disguises”. It got even more interesting later...


We gathered in the large Conference Room to participate in a magic show, where various objects disappeared and suddenly appeared again elsewhere. Illusions presented in “Just Edi Show” were fascinating and the interactive show, where the tricks were performed together with the audience, was heating up the atmosphere. After the show, the illusionist was discussing his workshop with magic enthusiasts and even revealed some of his magic secrets.

However, small Conference Room also attracted interest of many visitors with the opportunity to design their own T-shirts and hats by making original and lasting work of arts. Therefore, we could take home a wonderful souvenir from our event.


In the kitchen everyone could try nitrogen ice cream made of milk and various toppings which pleased our eyes and tasted absolutely delicious! Not only ice cream flavours attracted everyone’s attention. We could also participate in a show, where nitrogen was used during cooking. Freezing crisps and diminishing balloon was also very impressive. We could also try some bubble tea made from special little tapioca balls.

Photo gallery of our employees from childhood was waiting for us in the large Conference Room, along with the related contest: “Who is on the picture in this mixture?” Childhood photos brought us a lot of memories and reminded us of a great childhood, funny clothes and toys that we've already forgotten. The duo of Anna Kuźmicka and Krzysztof Błachnio won the competition. They’ve managed to identify 15 out of 18 colleagues.


These intense, joyful and delicious 3 hours were filled with a lot of fun. All children had the opportunity to see their parents workplace. We had a lot of fun but also gained valuable experience. Most importantly, all visitors expressed their willingness to participate again in such an event organised by Chiesi Company J.