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As a member of the Employers’ Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies INFARMA, CHIESI POLAND is a signatory of:


  • Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceutical Industry, which sets standards for activities in: promotion and advertisement of medicinal products, organization of symposia, congresses and other academic meetings, research, cooperation with medical professionals and patient organizations


  • Code of Transparency, which sets out the rules for sharing information on the cooperation of companies-signatories with representatives of medical professionals and healthcare organizations.



CHIESI POLAND is also a member of the “Farmacja Polska” Chamber of Commerce, and have agreed to adhere to the Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics for Medicinal Products Available Only By Or On The Order Of A Physician. The Code governs the issue of advertising and promoting medicinal products available only by or on the order of a physician, directed at persons entitled to write prescriptions and those who supply these products.

The company also has its own Code of Ethical Conduct developed on the basis of international codes and standards applicable to pharmaceutical companies. This document expresses commitment of the Chiesi Group to operate not only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, but also in accordance with ethical principles and standards of conduct.

The Code expresses the values that Chiesi Group wishes to promote in all activities performed by its employees, such as honesty, correctness and transparency of the management system, confidentiality, cooperation, value of human resources. It confirms that the correctness and legality of work and business conduct is and forever will be a significant value of the company.

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