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For your convenience, the and www.chiesi.pl webpage, hereinafter referred to as the website, uses cookies and similar technologies, in order to adapt the website to user needs, and for statistical purposes. Cookies are small text files sent by the website visited by the Internet user to their device.

Cookies are also used by website that we refer to by showing multimedia, for example. You can change your cookie setting in your web browser. Making no changes of these settings means you have accepted the cookies used here.

The website uses performance cookies, which are used to collect information on how to use the webpage for better performance, and functional cookies, which “remember” user settings (e.g. language, font size).


The  www.chiesi.pl website use the following cookies:  




End session

Session cookie used to maintain an anonymous browsing session


1 year

Onetrust cookies for the acceptance of privacy cookies


1 year

Onetrust cookies for the acceptance of privacy cookies


External websites, from which the content is presented, may also use cookies that allow you to log in. In particular, such cookies re:


In the medpass.pl website– cookie files are specified in the rules at: http://medpass.pl/Medpass/eula)

In the http://www.orthokin.pl/ website – cookie files are specified in the privacy policy at: http://www.orthokin.pl/


The cookie protection mode is set in each browser:


The level of cookie protection can be set in your web browser – up to blocking the cookies completely. This increases the level of security and protection of data, but I can also block some features, such as logging into your mail account.






How to change settings in the most popular search engines?


Google Chrome

Click the menu (at the top right): Settings > Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings. Under “Cookies”, you can change the following cookie settings:

  • Delete cookies
  • Block cookies by default
  • Allow cookies by default
  • Save cookies and page data by default until the browser is closed
  • Manage exceptions for cookie files from specific sites or domains 


Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0

From the Tools menu (at the top right), select Internet Options > Privacy tab, and under Settings, move the slider, and then select OK.


Mozilla Firefox

Click the menu button and choose > Options > Privacy. Set Firefox will: to Use custom setting for history. Check mark Accept cookies from sites to enable cookies, and uncheck it to disable them.



Click on the “Tools” menu > Preferences > Advanced. Select "Accept cookies only from the site I visit", "Accept cookies" or “Never accept cookies”.



Choose Safari > Preferences, click Privacy, then select the security level in the “Accept cookies” area.