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Code of Transparency


Cooperation between medical professionals and healthcare organizations has been a driving force in patient care and the development of innovative medicine for many years. Medical professionals and the affiliated organizations provide the pharmaceutical industry with valuable independent and professional knowledge based on clinical experience and practice in the treatment of diseases. In addition, medical professionals – the primary point of contact with patients – are the source of invaluable expertise in the effects of patient treatment and conducting a therapy. This makes it possible to tailor the products in in such a way they serve patients better, and, consequently, to improve the overall patient care.

Healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations should receive fair compensation for the services they provide to pharmaceutical companies. The Code of Transparency prepared by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) allows for a fair and transparent presentation of the scope and value of this cooperation. It will become an important step towards building greater trust between the pharmaceutical industry, the medical community, and patients.

CHIESI Poland, as a signatory of the Code of Transparency, and a member of the Employers’ Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies INFARMA, strives to ensure transparency of its relations with medical professionals and healthcare organizations through the obligations contained in the Code of Transparency.

In accordance with the Code of Transparency, CHIESI Poland publishes the scope and value of cooperation with medical professionals and healthcare organizations by 30 June of each year for the services provided under the cooperation in the previous year, beginning in 2016.


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